Thursday, July 19, 2007

How To watch Movies/ Tv with the internet??

There are three main options

1. Direct Flash Streams (quick fast option for movies/TV)

> Go to which contains a selection of the best sites to find movies and TV episodes.

> Some of the best websites for Movies follow:
tv-links,peekvid, metavideo , alluc

2. Bit-torrent Downloads (slow option but gives higher quality movies/TV)

> Download and install the utorrent application from

> Now find torrent files (make sure to chose torrents with the highest number of seeders/seeds/se) for want to download at:,,,

> The utorrent application will start to download the torrent

> More torrent indexers and information can be found at torrentguide

3. P2P live feeds (good option for live football matches)

> Download and install the Sopcast application from

> Go to
for a schedule of upcoming games

> Open the Sopcast and select the channel (video will taken ~1 minute to buffer/load)

> Link to some other similar applications follow: